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Jack Zenert

Marketing & Business Consultant

I can handle the tasks for you! Take a load off your shoulders. Help improve your organization, solve your problem, improve your sales . . INCREASE your ROI!

Really, hiring me is the best decision you will ever make in running your business. You not only get my experience, my 'can do' attitude and resilient nature. But you get more.

It is not always what you know - but who you know. I do not just bring myself to the table, but my whole network. First and foremost is my excellent assistant who will liaise with you every step of the way. I also have a stable of designers, programmers and advisors to be sure every job gets done on time and to your exact specifications.

Finally, you get loyalty and follow up. I believe strongly in 'Clients for Life'. So I work hard to add value through ongoing service, extra ideas, linking you with key contacts, and always having your needs put before mine.

No job is too small, and I have yet to encounter a job that is too big (although I dare you to offer me one).

Call me today - 403-201-4444

Jack Zenert

Marketing Solution Specialist!


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