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Jack Zenert

Marketing & Business Consultant

I can get the job done!

And really - that is what it is all about. That is what you are looking for . .. right?

For over 20 years I have worked at various business positions, consulting, advising, managing. I have worked in Agriculture, Finance, Small Business and Internet. I have started businesses, consulted on start-ups and given financial and transitional advice to small and medium sized enterprises. I am still fundamentally involved in three on-going businesses.


Marketing is my passion. Finding new and creative strategies to get more clients and increase sales of existing clients is what I love to do. Whether it is advice on your existing marketing plan, developing a new plan, or implementation start to finish - it can be done.

Business Development

From initial business planning stages right through to strategizing new areas of development, I can get it done for you. Product launches, grant and funding applications as well as financial proposals are all within my abilities and experience.

Project Management

Keeping on time and on budget. Critically important when running a project. I have experience with complex project management and I will keep yours ON TIME and ON BUDGET!

Agriculture and Food

Agriculture is my background - having grown up on the farm. And have many years of experience working in ag related sectors. I also have done work in the food processing area, from marketing projects to funding proposals.

Learning and Instruction

Leading informal learning and instructional sessions has always been something I have enjoyed. But recently I have begun instructing various courses at Olds College - and have been loving it. Teaching young people Small Business Management and Small Business Planning is exciting - trying to relay my experience to them. And the Farm Tranisitional course I teach hits home as I have lived this process myself.


Jack Zenert

Marketing Solution Specialist!


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