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Jack Zenert - Marketing / Business Consultant


I am very happy that you took the time from your very busy life to check out my personal online profile. That leads to an interesting question - what do you call this - a next generation web 2.0 resume? Well it's not really 2.0 as it does not communicate two ways directly on this site although I do have my social media links at the bottom of the page. I should add that feature soon. I guess I will call it all the 'official' info about Jack Zenert. You can get the unofficial info by typing my name into Google - currently getting just over 1000 pages about me. Or even better, have a chat with one of my clients or colleagues or check out ZedProMarketing for my latest thoughts..

Well to get to the point, I am interested in any Marketing and Business Development positions. I would prefer contract positions as that works out best with the tax man, and is clean and simple. I contract out through my business– ZedBiz.

After a few years at Olds College, I have now moved to Red Deer College where I instruct marketing. This is an 8 month contract so until the end of April I am pretty busy, although if it is a small contract I amy be able to fit it in. I have some excellent people that I work with and can still find some time for project management.

What kinds of things can I do for your business?

I have done various contract jobs in online marketing and E-Commerce as well as developed marketing plans and strategies. I have worked with non-profits developing their business and marketing plans, and have put together funding applications for both non-profits and commercial businesses.

I have recently been working on a number of new educational initiatives around online and distributed learning. So if you are interested in any training or curriculum development I can help. I could organize or facilitate your next workshop or seminar.

I know there is lots of talk around Social Media Marketing - all that Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. - and how it can help your business grow like the cold virus. Well ask me about that - you may be pleasantly surprised.

I do have experience in commercial banking, investments and financial advice, so pretty well rounded overall. I am an expert at communicating and explaining ideas, strategies and theory; in fact, I do have two or three key note speeches that I could present at your next function.

I have a strong drive and motivation to learn new things and I will not hesitate to give you a straight answer. So if you are curious - just ask. I am ready to take on the challenge of working for your organization.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

I can be reached at (403) 561-3689.

Respectfully yours,

Jack Zenert

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